Cascade Elite IONM with amplifier and stimulator connectors

The Cascade Elite is a reliable, time-tested IONM system with all modality monitoring, dynamic montaging, and remote monitoring.

The Cascade Elite supports

  • Cascade Surgical Studio software
  • 32 channels and 64 inputs
  • Auditory and visual stimulation
  • High and low current stimulation with the ES-IX 2 and electrical stimulators
  • Transcranial stimulation with the TCS-4 and TCS-1000
  • Electrosurgery detection
  • Noise detection

Flexible and durable

  • Base unit can be placed at bedside, on IV pole, equipment shelf or Jackson table
  • Water resistant base unit (rated to IP64)
  • Patented shielding on extender pods reduces noise and provides surge protection
  • Patented quick-connect cable fasteners speed setup and teardown
  • Five electrical stimulator box options
  • Automatic interleaving
  • Automatic train-of-four testing

ES-IX 2 Stimulator

  • 8 high current (0-100 mA) outputs
  • 1 low current/voltage output that is software-configurable to 4 modes of operation
  • Two stimulators can be daisy-chained
  • Reverse polarity, biphasic stimulation, rapid trains, and current sensing available
    for all outputs

TCS-4 Transcranial Stimulator

  • Delivers high voltage, rapid trains of up to 9 pulses (all delivering up to 1000 V)
  • Place multiple TCeMEP stim montages and utilize the one that evokes the best response

Product availability varies by country. Cascade Elite is no longer available for sale in the United States. Please contact Cadwell for additional information.