Finally, it is time to rest Easy.

The Cadwell Ambulatory system collects Type 1 through Type 4 sleep study physiologic data. With this Ambulatory system, any hospital bed or even the patient’s own bed in the home can become an extension of the sleep laboratory. It provides an ideal solution for both apnea screening and complete PSG studies, whether in the hospital or at the patient’s home. The

Cadwell Ambulatory system is designed to be highly portable, provide the best patient comfort to date and to collect accurate, reliable data which is indistinguishable from that collected in the hospital or laboratory.

The all new Q-Video® Mobile synchronized video recording solution provides a new level of assurance to the sleep laboratory that the Type 3 data collected in the home is accurate, and provides critical chain of custody that the patient prescribed for the study is the actual data collected, and shows any events not picked up in the waveform data.

Cadwell has developed an exclusive EasyNet™ (patent pending) communications method that connects the various components of the system to each other. Cadwell Ambulatory products use the same software and laboratory information management system as other Easy systems and data are downloaded to an Easy work station for analysis using a standard network connection.


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