Cadwell Cascade is the gold standard for IONM equipment. Cadwell equipment is known for its durability, dependability and portability. The Cascade, Cascade Elite and Cascade Pro systems monitor multiple modalities simultaneously; SEPs, MEPs, ABRs, VEPs, EMG, TEMG, EEG, TOF and Video. The Cascade Elite system has 32 channels to accommodate any monitoring need, while the Pro can be configured as either a 32-channel or 16-channel system. All systems have Cascade's built in remote monitoring, giving the remote neurologist independent control over data viewing. For over thirty years Cadwell equipment has proven itself to be the most reliable Neurodiagnostic equipment money can buy. You can always count on your Cadwell system.

The Cascade PRO is the latest innovation in neuromonitoring from Cadwell. It combines the best of the 16-channel Cascade and 32-channel Cascade Elite systems and combines them into a single system that is yours to configure. The Cascade PRO can be seamlessly configured by the user for either one or two 16-channel amplifiers, providing flexibility in switching between 16- and 32-channel systems. Click here for more information.

The 32-Channel Cascade Elite was designed and built from the same platform as the best selling Cadwell Cascade, so you know the performance and reliability are there. Flexible placement options allow you to adapt to any surgical setting. The hardware is extremely rugged, yet it’s still highly portable and easily transported. The software is intuitive and very user friendly with all the features (and more) you need to excel in the OR. Click here for more information.


The Cadwell Cascade is a powerful, multi-modality system capable of performing EP (including SEP, TceMP, BAEP, VEP), free-run EMG, stimulated EMG, EEG, and train of four tests simultaneously. The Cascade can also be used clinically for multi-channel evoked potential testing and other applications. The Cascade was designed with portability as a priority. The base unit weighs only 4.25 lbs. The Cascade can be configured with a laptop computer for portability or as a desktop PC-based system. Click here for more information.

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